Our Trustees

We are fortunate to have a group of people from various backgrounds that support the professionalism of our organisation. Our trustees are all hard working individuals and volunteer their time to ensure that Simon on the Streets is a charity with integrity across the board.

Louise Lapish


Louise has been a trustee for two years.

Louise Lapish, Chair of the Trustees, has been a Simon supporter for over 8 years, a trustee for two and recently stepped into the position of chair. As Director of Gatewood Consulting Ltd her experience across the Business Coaching and training spectrum means she can provide great support in terms of team development and ensuring that our team live and breath the commitment of being a highly skilled professional outreach service.

Matthew Tollefson


Matt joined the Board of Trustees in 2018.

Matt joined the Board of Trustees as Treasurer of the charity in 2018 and is a Chartered Accountant specialising in Corporate Finance. He recognises that the nature of his job frequently deals with those more privileged, and believes that the same strategic and forward-thinking outlook should be applied to growing a charity which targets those less fortunate in life. Now more than ever the number of people becoming increasingly distant from the support networks available to them is an area Matt wants to be actively involved in reducing. Matt believes Simon on the Streets is an honest and open support platform established to help those most in need, continually supporting them to re-engage with society. Away from work, Matt enjoys football, cycling, and golf.

Emma Fraser


To follow.

Charlotte Wright


To follow.