You set off walking to your mum's house.  On the way your mind starts wandering to when you were a kid.  Your dad was a drinker, a real drinker - always completely drunk.  He had a real temper on him, and the trouble was because he was always drunk you never really knew what would upset him.  There were more days than not when you took a beating from him.  Your mum never really did anything to stop it either; in fact it's probably the guilt about that which means if you go up to see her now if she can she drops you a few quid.  Also the guilt about you going into care.  It's awful, the two people in the world who should look after you most; one beats you regularly and then drinks himself into an early grave.  The other let it go on until social services take you into care.  If you can't trust your parents you can't trust anyone!  Do you:
Continue to your mum's

Decide you can't face seeing her and head back to town, realising how late it is though you'll probably have to shop lift to get money together quick enough