28th September 2017

Sleep with Simon 2017

Royal Armouries, Tilt Yard, Leeds.

Will You Sleep With Simon?

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#sleepwithsimon is our annual rough sleeping fundraising event. But it's not like sleeping rough. The event takes place in a secure area with facilities and is stewarded by the Simon on the Streets team. #sleepwithsimon is safe and yet it is also a challenge. Even one night out in the open can give a powerful insight into the challenges of the elements and the isolation that rough sleepers face.

The event aims to give an insight into the root causes of homelessness and how we aim to help.

It is an opportunity to learn about the real challenges that face rough sleepers on a daily basis and to understand exactly how and why they exist. As well as facing the challenge of a night out in the open, we aim for participants to gain understanding about the issues that the homeless face and a deeper sense of empathy for those who live that experience every day.

Information for Sleepers

2010 saw our first ever #sleepwithsimon event and it was such a huge success that we decided to make it an annual event! Please join us and help us to make 2017 our most successful year yet!


We are a small, independent charity which does not receive government funding, rather we survive on sponsorship, fundraising and donations. We ask that you obtain and collect your sponsorship via the JustGiving website. You can create a page by going to www.justgiving.co.uk and clicking on the “Make Your Page” button. Experience tells us that this really is the easiest way for you to collect sponsorship, and also to maximise it. By using JustGiving, we can claim all of the Gift Aid that people pledge ensuring that the maximum possible is raised from your hard work! If you need support with this then let us know, we are happy to set it up for you if necessary.

Minute silence

"With the tragic news of another senseless death within the Leeds homeless community, we will be taking a few moments to remember Terry and the others we have lost in 2017 at our Sleep out on September 28th. These deaths impact on the Homeless community and our Support Workers as they see the personalities and people not the problem. We will ensure they are not forgotten." - Louise Lapish Trustee at Simon on the Streets.

Where exactly will I be sleeping?

The Royal Armouries is supporting the event and has offered us the use of the Tilt Yard which is an enclosed, safe, managed space. The location is not sheltered from the elements but is set back and enclosed from the city’s streets. We will be stewarding the event to ensure your safety as you sleep.

What should I bring with me?

Below are some kit suggestions, but it is of course up to you what you choose to bring on the night. The organisers will not have spare kit to give out.

- Mat, plastic sheet, thick cardboard etc. to lie on & in.

- Sleeping bag.

- Warm clothes (layers), waterproofs, torch, rubbish bag.

- Banner for your organisation – if you would like to promote your organisation (see below)

- Cash for refreshments and merchandise.

NB: The organisers accept no responsibility for any loss or damage of possessions or valuables on the night.

What shouldn’t I bring?

In the interest of Health and Safety we ask that people do not bring alcohol, stoves or fires. Neither tents or audible music is allowed (although personal iPods etc. are of course fine). We reserve the right to ask anyone who is under the influence of alcohol and behaving inappropriately to leave... and we don’t want to do that!


There will be provision for smokers and we ask that people respect this by only smoking in the designated area.


There are facilities on site.

First Aid

There will be a fully trained first aider present.

What if it rains?

This event will still go ahead if the rains descend! Please bear this in mind when you pack your kit, we would strongly recommend that you include waterproof clothing.

Media Coverage

We are expecting that the media will cover this event. If you are not happy for your support to be publicised then we will respect this wish. Please make sure you let us know in advance.


Obviously, the main objective is for people to experience, even for one night, the feeling of sleeping in the open. We also have two events running during the night, which most people will be able to attend one (due to time restraints).

Richard McCann – motivational speaker will be addressing the group - http://www.richardmccann.co.uk/

Red Ladder Theatre Company – an exclusive showing of Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew - http://www.redladder.co.uk/whatson/the-shed-crew/


To give everyone a chance to be a winner, there will be a competition for the most unique/artistic organisational banner brought to the event. If you want to be in with a chance to win then get making your ‘unique’ team banner and bring it along with you.

After the Event

After the event we will update our website with post-event information and photos. If you take some great photos or videos of the night we would love to include them – please email admin@simononthestreets.co.uk