15th January 2019

Jonathan Kattenberg takes on world’s coldest and toughest ultra-marathon!

We’re delighted to announce that Jonathan Kattenberg is preparing to take on the trail of the world’s toughest foot race in a bid to raise awareness and funds for Simon on the Streets!

This month Jonathan will be undertaking The Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra 430 mile foot race in the Yukon, Canada. He will return to the race having been withdrawn from it two years ago following bronchospasm whereby he temporarily lost use of his middle and lower parts of his lungs.

Jonathan was keen to undertake the biggest challenge to raise vital funds for Simon on the Streets. Jonathan is also paying for all his race, accommodation and travel costs direct, so any monies raised will go directly to the charity.

Jonathan says:
“It will take me 8-12 days to complete the arctic ultra-race which consists in walking and pulling a sledge in temperatures of up to -50 degrees. Taking on such an enduring challenge really makes you think; your mind goes on a rollercoaster journey, you question a lot as you’re on your own for so long. As I’ve taken part in similar challenges, I’ve thought a lot about those less fortunate. Something has led homeless people to where they are and I’m hoping to help give something back whilst testing my own mental strength and techniques”

What Jonathan is going to undertake in support of Simon on the Streets is no mean feat and we’re incredibly grateful for his efforts. It costs us approximately £250,000 to run the charity and with an increasing number of homeless people on the streets across West Yorkshire, we rely on the support of people like Jonathan to continue to support these entrenched rough sleepers.

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More about Jonathan

Jonathan Kattenberg of Wakefield has been a financial planner for 20 years and also operates as a life and wealth coach. Helping people to manage their finances, he is also a clinical hypnotherapist and mindset specialist. Jonathan supports people to understand how their minds are programmed when managing finances, helping people to create true wealth through inner peace, whilst enhancing their financial wealth planning.

A keen advocate in the power of the mind, Jonathan has spent several years testing himself through gruelling activities including running the notorious Marathon Des Sables, an ultramarathon across the Sahara Desert, whilst carrying all his own supplies.

Jonathan will also be supporting the charity by launching a book aiming to empower people to live the life they deserve.

The book, entitled ‘How to build on tectonic plates’ will be launched on Amazon in the next 10 days with £1 of all book sales also going to Simon on the Streets.

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