An outreach worker isn't just for Christmas....

Help Simon on the Streets extend its reach by employing one full-time outreach support worker to provide intensive, emotional and practical support to people sleeping rough throughout the county.

Simon's Christmas Appeal

West Yorkshire is facing a worsening homelessness crisis. As a result of government policies, the numbers of those finding themselves on the streets is not forecast to reduce, rather it is forecast to increase drastically year on year. Crisis recently forecast a rise in the number of rough sleepers by 78% over the next decade.

It is perfectly natural that Christmas is the season where we begin to consciously think about those less fortunate then us. The highly visible rough sleepers on our streets are often in the forefront of our minds. It is natural that our instincts will tell us to help others, we might buy food or a hot drink for rough sleepers we pass by, but when the season is over, it is natural for this feeling of charity to fade. Unfortunately, the feelings of loneliness and isolation for those living on the streets continues as their plight fades from the forefront of people's minds.

An outreach worker isn't just for Christmas!!

Exactly as this says, we provide outreach support throughout the entire year. Our outreach support workers are out on the streets every day helping people sleeping rough by providing them with the emotional support they are often lacking. They work with them throughout their journey of change, no matter how long this takes. Our workers are out on the streets providing intensive support all year round and with your help with can extend our reach and improve the lives of so many more.

This Christmas, we are asking people to donate towards a full-time outreach support worker to operate out of Huddersfield, covering the surrounding areas of the county (with the exception of Leeds and Bradford). As an independently funded charity, which receives no government funding, we are relying on the good-will of our community to help us achieve this so please show your support to the charity and this cause this Christmas.

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Together we can turn rough lives around.