We hugely value support from volunteers, working out on the streets offering support and back at the office, helping us to run our organisation. If you are keen to work for Simon on the Streets, our current vacancies are listed here.



Simon on the Streets has a fantastic team of volunteers, some who have been volunteering with us for over 15 years! We currently have around 20 volunteers providing support across all areas of the charity, including working with our support team out on the streets, fundraising and stewarding events.


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 Thinking of volunteering?

Simon on the Streets is looking for NEW volunteers. We provide volunteers with the opportunity to develop new skills, and to be part of an organisation where the values of understanding, respect, commitment and trust are paramount. You can find details of the roles we currently need volunteers for below:

Ad Hoc Fundraising Volunteers


Simon on the Streets is always in need of volunteers to assist in the running and stewarding of events. Would you be happy to volunteer on an ad hoc basis to support these events? This role is perfectly suited to someone with a busy life looking to support a local cause.



Volunteer Community Advocate


Do you fancy a challenge whilst helping in your local community? Simon on the Streets is a community-based charity which depends heavily on the support of its community. We are currently searching for passionate and enthusiastic individuals to form and lead local fundraising groups around West Yorkshire.Teams of volunteer fundraisers will meet up on a regular basis to think of fun and interesting ways to raise funds and awareness for the charity.



Volunteer Trustees


We are a small independent charity that does rely on the Board of Trustees playing an active and engaging role. We do currently have a diverse Board of Trustees but we are looking to add skills and experience.



What's in it for you?


  • A chance to make a difference in your community
  • Develop yourself personally and professionally
  • Meet new people
  • An opportunity to use your existing skills and experiences to give back


If you're interested in volunteering for us please email admin@simononthestreets.co.uk to register your interest and ask for a volunteer application form.