Simon's Sleepover


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Join us for a sleepover.

Spend one night sleeping anywhere but you're own bed. It could be a tent in your garden, your sofa or your office floor! Spend one night sleeping anywhere but your bed so someone else can receive the support they need to end homelessness.

Family fun 

This fundraising event is perfect for families. The kids will love the chance to sleep anywhere but their own beds. 

 Take part as a team 

Spend a night with your colleagues sleeping in your office! It's a great chance to bond as a team. 

Get Creative 

Sleep anywhere but your bed for the night. Build a fort, camp out in your garden or sleep on your sofa! 

Let's fight homelessness. 

 Last year, your support for Simon on the Streets led to over 400 people experiencing homelessness in West Yorkshire getting the support they need. We're with them from beginning to end, offering emotional and practical support. 

Sign up to take part!

All you need to do is download your fundraising pack.

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