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Many thanks to Box Pizza for supplying pizzas for the soup-run last night.  The guys at Box Pizza created ‘Yorkshire Pizza’ for Yorkshire day and were also looking for something they could do to support the community… that’s where we came in.  Our soup-run is usually a very simple affair so as the rain fell there were lots of happy faces when we had something a little special to offer in celebration of Yorkshire Day.

…And in case you were wondering they were fantastic, you should definitely give them a try:

blue plaque

Breakfast event in Huddersfield

We are holding an event in Huddersfield aimed at engaging with the business community in the area.  The event, held on the 25th April, will offer an insight in to our work and why there is a need to do it.  It will also, following the ‘Blue Plaques’ campaign, look at death rates among those who are homeless.  If you would like to join us for the event please get in touch:


Plaque Impact

Louise Lapish from Gatewood Consulting was so moved by the #streetplaques campaign that the company made a donation.

Louise said, “I’ve been interested in what Simon on the Streets do for a while but when I saw this campaign I needed to act.  one of the reasons it resonates with me is that much of the work we do is about helping people to communicate better; and that exactly what The team at Simon on the Streets have to do with their clients.”

Louise met with Clive at one of the Plaques to officially make the donation.




Our latest awareness raising campaign is a series of ‘Blue Plaques’ placed around Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield.  The English Heritage Blue Plaques remember noteworthy individuals and often mark places where they lived.  Our plaques do the same for people who have slept rough.

If you see any of our Plaques email or Tweet a picture of yourself with the plaque and we will get it up on the website… there might even be a prize for the first person photographed at every site in an area!

If you are going to look out for our plaques be aware that rather than the usual eye level placement ours are down at street level to signify where people would be lying when using each location to sleep.  There are several plaques for you to find in each location; below is a shot of one from each area to give you a taster.

We believe we should commemorate not only those who have achieved fame in our society but everyone.  We also think those who are so often forgotten in life should be remembered in death… especially when you consider the terrible statistic that people who are homeless have a life expectancy of just 48 years.

…and if all this makes you want to help please click here and make a donation!

Many thanks to McGrath O’Toole and Ponderosa for all the hard work designing the plaques.

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