About Us

Simon on the Streets is an independent charity offering emotional and practical support on a outreach basis to rough sleepers or those at risk of rough sleeping.

Who Are We?

Simon on the Streets is an independent charity covering West Yorkshire, in particular Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield. We are a charity that supports our homeless community, in particular, entrenched rough sleepers. Remaining independent of statutory funding is critical to our success as it allows us to work without restrictions and to deliver tailor-made support on an individual basis with no time limitations.

Our Aim

Our aim is to bring people leading solitary, harmful lives, with little or no vision for a better future, in from the margins of society. The charity will achieve this by supporting people to find aspirations and giving unlimited opportunities to achieve sustainable positive change. 

How We Work

We achieve this by offering support on an entirely outreach basis with no time limits thus removing many of the key barriers to engagement experienced in this field. The approach taken with service users is to recognise emotional support as a high value offering and to understand that building a quality relationship with service users will underpin any support given. Our workers support people to find aspirations and give unlimited opportunities to achieve sustainable positive change. We also recognise that this may be a long, rocky road and that along the way there will be many setbacks. This emotional support evolves over time to underpin more practical activity around advocacy and liaison with other, specialist services. We recognise that positive change will often be slow to achieve and we commit to ensuring that at times of slow change/no change, we will not allow efforts to decrease. Simon on the Streets remembers and engages those that so many forget.

Our Core Values

The charity has very strong core values which we adhere to throughout all aspects of our work. These are:
• Always show empathy
• Always show compassion
• Always work in a non-judgemental manner
• Work in a manner that builds trust
• Be consistent in all aspects of our work, in particular with our service users
• Be a caring organisation

Our Funding

We are an independent charity which does not seek government nor local authority funding. This allows us to operate completely independently in a manner, that best fits the situation of our service users rather than external policies. We are funded from a number of sources: • We attract corporate support from businesses within our community who support us in our fight against homelessness • We receive trust funding towards our core costs • We organise and hold a number of fundraising events and appeals throughout the year • We are extremely lucky to have many dedicated supporters who fundraise on our behalf and who make regular donations.


Our Staff

We manage to operate effectively with a small, dedicated team. Behind the scenes, the charity has a general manager, a development manager and an administration officer/volunteer co-ordinator. This small team runs the whole operation allowing our street outreach teams to work, unhindered with secondary tasks that would prevent them from carrying out their work with their service users. We have street outreach teams that work with our service users and the general ‘rough sleeping’ communities of Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield.


Our Volunteers

The charity would find it extremely difficult to operate without support from our volunteers. We are only small and our work quite specialised therefore the opportunity to utilise volunteers is limited. We do, however work with volunteers ranging from specialist support, such as accounting, photography, managing our IT system and logistical support such as storage and transport, through to advocates for the charity and outreach support volunteers. We consider our volunteers to be a huge part of the team and this is illustrated by the length of service of our volunteers - our longest ‘serving’ volunteers have worked alongside us for 20 years. We welcome volunteers all sections of our community and particularly welcome student bodies to either fund raise on our behalf, organise events or help spread the word within their community.