Support Work


All of our work is done on an outreach basis, on the street or inside services. Our outreach work aims to:
• Engage with hard to reach individuals
• Remove key barriers to engagement
• Build relationships based on trust and offer appropriate support
• Support clients manage the changes they will experience
• Offer practical support around the specific issues faced



Those who are excluded from, or who refuse the intervention of other services. Our priority as a service is to support those with unmet complex needs.


Unconditional: we provide a vital connection for those who have nowhere else to turn, offering someone to turn to for unconditional support.
Empathy: we are a group of people who will show interest in them in a respectful, tolerant, empathetic manner aimed at empowering them to improve their self image and begin to think about making positive changes in their lives, but we ask for nothing in return.
Empowering: we centre on them, their thoughts and desires, their aspirations and their regrets, which is the key to the kind of self reflection that is necessary for any kind of behavioural change that will have a real chance of success.



Working towards engagement: our skills, knowledge and experience put us in the ideal position to re-examine the relationships of service users and services that have not been useful in the past.
Partnership work: through a combination of good case work and good partnership work, we can enable service users to reach a point where they feel able to access the specialist support services they need. We can simultaneously work with agencies and support them in their work with the service user.


In the majority of cases, even after a client is housed we will continue to offer support. This is because we recognise that having a tenancy does not mean that the complex needs of that individual have been met. Many of our clients see rough sleeping as a safer choice for them, and whilst they are unable to feel safe at a place they call ‘home’ and engaging with services to a level that supports their needs, we will continue to support them.


Once a week, every week we take soup out to our service users in the evening. But, it’s not about the soup. The soup acts as an icebreaker, as something to share, to help build engagements and relationships based on empathy, non-judgement and unconditional support with vulnerable people who literally have no-where to turn to.