Donating items

Food and material donations

As a charity, our core mission is to support our service users by providing emotional, personal support which is done through building relationships and trust rather than the giving of material items.

We do not hand out such items to our service users on the basis that we cannot guarantee to fulfill their requirements next time they request such items from our outreach support workers. This then in turn can damage the trusting relationship we try to build which can hinder our goal of helping people with unmet complex needs achieve long-term and sustainable progress.

Our work is outreach based across West Yorkshire and we do not have a central hub. For this reason, it is difficult to take donations of perishable food.

Occasionally we request specific items, details of which will be posted on this page. If you're looking to donate material or food items, we recommend contacting St Anne's Resource Centre on 0113 243 1894.