Leave a Gift in Your Will

A gift in a will is an extremely generous, thoughtful and caring way to donate to Simon on the Streets, helping us to continue providing help and support to the most vulnerable in our community.

Support our Work

The generous gifts left to us will help us bring people leading solitary, harmful lives, with little or no vision for a better future, in from the margins of society. We provide support to those people in our community who are often excluded from, or who refuse the intervention of other services, with a view to empower them to change their lives.

Leave a Gift in your Will 

If you are considering leaving us a gift, or if you have already included us in your will, we would be very pleased to hear from you. This information remains confidential and is not legally binding but by telling us we are able to thank you and keep you informed of our work, should you wish to hear from us.

Any gift you make to Simon on the Streets should include the following information:

Simon on the Streets
Suites 16C and 16D
Crown House,
94 Armley Rd,
LS12 2EJ.

Registered charity number 1165317

Contact Us

Our Work

Simon on the Streets offers street-based support for those in need. Our team work across Leeds, Huddersfield and Bradford providing front-line emotional and practical support for those who need it.

Our role in the community is to offer individual support to those who are homeless; at risk of becoming homeless; those with behavioural and mental health issues; and those who are struggling with an addiction.

Simon on the Streets aims to be there for these people and help them to access the services that they need to make positive changes to their lives.

Simon on the Streets remembers and engages those that so many forget.