17th December 2018

Aaron's success

Aaron (not his real name) has been working with one of our Outreach Workers for nearly two years. Read more about his journey:

I have worked with Aaron for nearly two years. He was an entrenched rough sleeper who was begging to fund his drug addiction and was in and out of prison for shoplifting.

Aaron was always friendly and engaged with myself and his drug worker but did not keep to his appointments and would fall out of drug treatment.

One day Aaron said he had enough of his life and the constant cycle of shoplifting, drugs and prison. I talked to him about the possibility of attending rehab. He was interested and said he thought he needed to attend rehab, so I arranged for him to visit a rehab centre.

On the day of the visit I did not think he would turn up and keep the appointment. However, he surprised me when he rang me that morning to say he was ready and when I turned up he was waiting, looking smart and happy. Whilst at the centre he undertook an assessment and it was arranged that when a free bed became available he would be able to enter.

Once a space did become available I drove Aaron to the centre. He was very nervous and apprehensive. We talked about why he was feeling nervous and he opened up about the trauma he suffered - Aaron is a veteran and he had never opened up about his trauma before this moment. I explained the the support available to him, such as counselling for the PTSD and trauma.

This was a major hurdle and I believe Aaron had achieved so much by telling me what he was going through. I told him I would speak to the staff at the centre and make sure he got help straight away.

After Aaron had settled into the centre and I had left, I felt excited for his future but also nervous about how he would cope being away from his friends in a strange town and in new surroundings.

I have stayed in contact with Aaron and watched how he has grown in confidence and self-esteem. He has taken up boxing and exercises every day. He has come off his prescribed medication and is totally drug free.


I went to visit him this week on his birthday and he looked so healthy and happy. He is reunited with family members and looking forward to a future he never thought he could have.

To watch someone come off drugs and get clean is one of the most rewarding and happiest moments I have had at Simon on the Streets and I hope Aaron has an amazing new life.

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