20th July 2018

Case Study - AA

Case Study by one of our Outreach Workers.

AA - street homeless.

I first met AA a few months ago on one of my outreach sessions around the outskirts of the city centre. As an Eastern European migrant with no recourse to public funds, AA was not eligible to access emergency accommodation and was also not entitled to housing benefit.

On our first meeting, I provided AA with hot drinks and food but he did not appear to want to engage. Over the coming weeks, I made regular visits to his tent and with time and perseverance, we began to build up a trusting relationship. AA now engages with me frequently.

Understandably, AA tells me he feels isolated from the rest of society and often feels lonely. After numerous conversations in which we discussed his thoughts and aspirations, AA decided to start accessing free English classes. The language barrier can be a huge factor in feelings of isolation.

Although AA was not receiving benefits due to missed appointments, together we filled out a JSA claim which allowed him to access benefits. Being in receipt of benefits enabled him to purchase stays at bed and breakfasts, clean clothes, sleeping bags and other basic necessities.

AA has now managed to enrol with an employment agency and has been working as a potato picker. AA remains street homeless as he does not earn enough money to pay for the numerous costs of renting permanent accommodation. He remains in a vulnerable position and has started to smoke Spice as a way to escape the realities of his daily life.

I continue to help and support AA through his journey.

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