21st September 2018

Case Study - B

B is a very chaotic but likeable service user. I have only worked with B for the past six months but B is well known to all the services for a lack of engagement and not holding down any supported accommodation.

B has been in and out of prison over the years and currently has a banning order in place, which means B cannot access to the city centre. B currently claims benefits but is at risk of losing them due to missed appointments. B is on a methadone script and is engaging with us and another support service.

B's chaotic behaviour led to a eviction from the local emergency hostel. The council have also discharged a duty of care towards B, as B has made himself “intentionally homeless”.

Although B did engage with staff at the hostel and started to attend appointments, B did not attend key working sessions. B's mental health declined the longer they were there and B had an argumentative outburst towards the hostel’s staff.

I feel that B cannot cope in a hostel environment or supported accommodation and this leads to B being evicted, creating a revolving door scenario as B goes from the streets, to supported accommodation and back again. The rigid rules and regulations in hostels and supported accommodation do not work for B and lead to B's evictions.

Simon on the Streets will continue to support B.

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