13th September 2018

Case Study - D

D* has been an entrenched rough sleeper in the city centre for the past 2 years.

He has worked well with staff at other organisations but due to a two-year banning order from the city centre his ability to engage with these services has become more difficult. As he is no longer able to access the city centre, D has found it difficult to receive help and support from agencies whose services are based in the centre.

D has nowhere to live. His mum, who lives in the area, cannot house him in her one bedroom flat without risking losing her own tenancy.

With no access to the city centre and the services that support him, D’s drug use had spiralled out of control, resulting in his physical health deteriorating. He has a heart murmur, infections in both legs, and a shadow on his lungs, among other health issues.

Recently, D has started to attend Bevan health centre, a service that specialises in helping people who are homeless or in unstable accommodation. They have helped him address his health issues and D is ready to engage with drug treatment again. Whilst this is positive, D greatly needs stable accommodation to allow him to focus on his recovery.

D is making positive steps to rebuild his life and is ready to change. Simon on the Streets will continue to support him.

*Not their real name.

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