13th August 2018

Case Study - Partnership work

Our Outreach Worker in Bradford talks about the work we do with other services and organisations. 

We often work with and facilitate great partnership work with other services. Recently, I was part of a multi-agency outreach session with staff from Bevan House, a GP designed to help people who are homeless, and the Salvation Army, who provide accommodation and a day shelter.

During the street outreach session our teams will walk the streets, checking in known locations (places that have been reported to us by concerned members of the public or our teams know about) and less well known areas for rough sleepers.

I was sent out with a member of staff from the Salvation Army. Whilst walking down a rather obscure street on the edge of the city centre we came across a young man sat on the curb. He appeared very guarded and quite distracted as we attempted to introduce ourselves. He didn't say much: only that he was homeless and had problems with an injury to his legs. Gradually he let some of his guard down as we supported him to think about what in that moment he might want to do to help his situation. We did not try to tell him what he should do.

We shared some information about the day shelter and the facilities they have there that he could use, such as a shower. With a little extra support, he agreed to go up there. The day shelter had driven their minibus into the city that morning, which meant that he could catch a lift to the day shelter. It was a hot day so I gave him a bottle of water and we walked as far as the bus. By accessing the day shelter he was able to shower, get a change of clothes and use the space to think about what other help he may need.

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