13th February 2017

Homelessness Can Be Ended, Says Head of Global Charity

Homelessness Can Be Ended, Says Head of Global Charity

In early February, we were honoured to represent Simon on the Streets at a public event at Leeds Trinity University on the subject of ending homelessness.  The head of a global homelessness charity told us that it is possible to end homelessness – with political support, preventative measures and a realistic target in place.

The talk by Leeds Trinity Alumnus Mark McGreevy OBE, Chief Group Executive of DePaul International, was the first in a series of high profile guest lectures, as part of celebrations for the University’s 50th Anniversary.

Mark believes that with a shared sense of purpose and by working together, it is possible. He said:

“Countries and cities have already ended homelessness, and I truly believe that it is possible around the globe. I’ve worked to support homeless people for 27 years, and experience has taught me that with good leadership, political consensus, preventative policies and appropriate models – alongside the ability to adapt and change where necessary, it is possible to end homelessness.”

Currently based in Chicago, USA, Mr McGreevy works with the Institute of Global Homelessness and DePaul International which coordinates the activities of DePaul charities in the UK, Ireland, Slovakia, Ukraine, France and the USA. The group employs 600 people and helps more than 20,000 homeless and disadvantaged people all around the world.

It is thought that 1.2 million people, of the 7 billion on this planet, are currently classed as homeless; either without accommodation and therefore sleeping on the streets or in public spaces, in temporary or crisis accommodation, or living in severely inadequate and insecure premises. Now working with the Institute of Global Homelessness, Mr McGreevy and his team are working with key global strategic partners to eradicate street homelessness in 150 cities around the world, by 2030.

To find out more about Mr McGreevy’s work with the Institute of Global Homelessness and DePaul International, visit www.int.depaulcharity.org.

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