13th February 2017

Vicky's Story

Vicky’s Story

One of our Bradford support workers and a volunteer go out on evening outreach around the city centre each week and attend a food provision run by a local church charity in an open car park. 

Last week, a woman called Vicky was helping a client of ours who was in a state after taking a drug called Spice.   Vicky got talking to them and was, in fact, herself sleeping rough in a doorway in Bradford City Centre and had been for a few weeks.  She had previously been living at a private rented flat, but the landlord was taking all her money and forced her out. Vicky told us that whilst living on the streets she had been beaten up and bullied by other females who take her money, cigarettes and alcohol.  She was a very vulnerable person who also disclosed that she had mental health problems.  She did not have contact with her immediate family as she had a protection order to stay away from them as a result of abuse she had suffered.

It was a very cold and wet night, and Vicky said she was scared and was very cold.  A member of the church charity gave her a sleeping bag and a warm meal and drink.  Our support worker rang the emergency out of hours shelter, but there were no beds available.  She then rang the Council ‘out of hours’ service for housing and completed an initial assessment over the telephone.  As Vicky has mental health problems and has been receiving help, she was classed as a priority need by the Council.  An emergency bed was found for her and our support worker took her up there. This was only for one night and she was told to report to Housing Options in the morning to complete a full assessment.  

Our worker arranged to meet Vicky at the GP service the next morning where she made further enquiries of Housing Options and completed a further assessment.  Later that day Vicky was housed in supported accommodation until the Council find her suitable long term housing.


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23rd May 2018

Visiting Nigel Tooby's Eye Spy Exhibition

On 23rd May, the Simon on the Streets team had the opportunity to visit Nigel Tooby’s Eye Spy exhibition at The Big Conversation, a housing conference by The Gem Programme. Nigel Tooby is an artist in residence for Simon on the Streets, and this exhibition included pieces created in 2014 both for our charity to use in our 2015 calendar and to raise awareness of the plight of our service users.

17th May 2018

Rough Diamond Ball 2018

Thank you to everyone that attended this year's Rough Diamond Ball at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on 10th May 2018. The night was a great success and a fantastic way to celebrate both the charity and our wonderful supporters. Your generosity and support for the work that we do is greatly appreciated.