23rd May 2018

Visiting Nigel Tooby's Eye Spy Exhibition

On 23rd May, the Simon on the Streets team had the opportunity to visit Nigel Tooby’s Eye Spy exhibition at The Big Conversation, a housing conference by The Gem Programme. Nigel Tooby is an artist in residence for Simon on the Streets, and this exhibition included pieces created in 2014 both for our charity to use in our 2015 calendar and to raise awareness of the plight of our service users.

Nigel undertook extensive research with Simon on the Streets before designing the images and artwork and his work highlights the plight our service users face.

Primarily using the medium of photography, the series avoids the usual cliché of images of the destitute in crisis situations and instead opts to show life through the eyes of the homeless and dispossessed. Accordingly, the work is devoid of the homeless themselves, instead placing the viewer behind the eyes of the homeless, providing a first-hand view of the experiences rough sleepers face every day.

Gordon Laing, General Manager at Simon on the Streets, said “It was great to see the exhibition today. Nigel’s work is an absolutely fantastic and realistic way to represent the issues rough sleepers face”.

Our thanks to Nigel Tooby for his continued support. To find out more about Nigel’s work, visit his website: www.nigeltooby.co.uk.


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