25th July 2019

Yorkshire Choice Awards

Simon on the Streets have been chosen as the Yorkshire Choice Awards charity of the year! We are so grateful for their support and are looking forward to our partnership with them.

Founded by Joanne Maltby and Melanie Malcolm, the Yorkshire Choice Awards was created to recognise and raise the awareness of local people and independent businesses that are inspirational in their own way or in the markets they serve. The Awards demonstrate that through adversity and courage, light can shine through in so many ways and give the deserving nominees, finalists, and winners the exposure that is so deserving.

Support the awards

Do you know anyone or their business deserving of some light shining on them? Nominate your hero and give them a chance at winning!

Or are you a business owner and want to get involved? You can sponsor an award to support Simon on the Streets and gain extensive coverage of your business! Contact events@yorkshirechoiceawards.co.uk to find out more.

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10th October 2019

World Homeless Day 2019

Today on World Homeless Day we are talking about the hidden homeless: people we don't often see and therefore aren't counted in official statistics.

5th September 2019

Homelessness, modern slavery and human trafficking

You may not be aware of the links between modern slavery and homelessness. It is a two-way link: people who are homeless are at risk of being exploited and victims of modern slavery and human trafficking are at risk of becoming homeless if they do not receive support and have nowhere to go after leaving safe houses.

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