Providing hope for those without a voice

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We’re an independent charity in West Yorkshire helping the homeless and vulnerable

We deliver outreach on the streets to the homeless community and those that are most vulnerable in Leeds, Bradford and Kirklees.

What we do

We offer unlimited emotional and practical support for homeless and vulnerable people

Why we do what we do

On average, a person who is homeless has an average life expectancy of just 44 years old. 80% of people sleeping on the streets have a mental health problem and homeless people are over nine times more likely to take their own life than the general population.

Causes of homelessness

People become homeless for many reasons. They may become unemployed, lose their home due to increases in rent or be experiencing poverty and debt. They may have left prison, care or the army and have no home to go to. There is a shortage of affordable housing which makes it more difficult for people to find places to rent. An individual may be fleeing domestic violence or become homeless after a relationship breakdown or bereavement. For many people it is often a combination of factors.  

Effects of sleeping rough

Homelessness can have the biggest impact on a person's mental and physical health - they both contribute to someone sleeping rough and worsen the problems the longer they are on the streets. Many people who are homeless experience feelings of isolation and loneliness which affects their mental health.

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A man sat in a sleeping bag, looking down at his hands. A street can be seen in the distance.

Keep Leeds Warm - Awesome Merchandise commit to raising £50,000

Leeds-based printing company, Awesome Merchandise, is launching a campaign to raise £50k to support Simon on the Streets.  

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“Supporting the local community lies at the heart of what we do and Simon on the Streets does some incredible work to help homeless people in and around the city and so we wanted to show our utmost support for them."

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Simon's Big Sofa Surf

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We've helped hundreds of rough sleepers get off the streets

Dom was an entrenched rough sleeper who was sleeping in an old car. After the bereavement of two close family members Dom suffered from depression and began self-medicating with alcohol.We worked with Dom to secure housing and provide emotional support throughout his journey.

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The outreach support worker at Simon on the Streets has been a constant source of support… They have provided humanity when practically no one else did.

An outreach worker is bent down talking to a man in a sleeping bag

In 2018...


We provided general support on the street 1441 times


The number of nights we helped someone who was homeless access a bed for the night.


We supported 95 people in total in West Yorkshire


We made 858 visits to services with our clients to help them access support


We helped 11 rough sleepers acquire permanent housing


We accompanied our service users to 906 service appointments

How you can support us


  As an independent charity we need to raise all our own funds. Your support really does make all the difference and allows us to continue to provide support to some of the most vulnerable people in our community.  

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Become a corporate partner

  At Simon on the Streets we are proud to have a broad base of support from Yorkshire’s corporate and business community. We work hard to develop our relationships with our supporters towards long term, sustainable and positive relationships.  

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Are you homeless?

We understand how scary it must be to find yourself on the street with nowhere to turn, but we’re here to support you. Get support in any of the cities we operate in: Leeds, Bradford, or Kirklees.

Get support for someone you know

If you’re concerned about a rough sleeper you’ve seen in your area and are looking for advice, you can learn more about the support available. 

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