Alice's Story


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Alice (real name not used) found herself in a lot of debt after the end of a destructive relationship and struggles managing her money. She soon became homeless and found herself in a world she wasn’t familiar with.

She was terrified of how vulnerable she had become. She lost all confidence in herself and her ability to change her life.

After a short time in prison, Alice re-evaluated her life and decided to make some positive choices. She told us that she wanted to make a strong, stable home for herself and to be in control of her finances.

Simon on the Streets supported Alice into temporary accommodation and helped Alice look for a place of her own. Alice is now in her own home. She is working with us and other support services to learn to budget her money.

Alice is working towards her goal of going to college. She is learning to be independent and thrives on knowing how far she has come. We believe in Alice, but most importantly she believes in herself. 

We need services, councils, and the government to recognise the challenges women face, and to respond with increased gender specific spaces, support and services. That way we can ensure women are truly supported, and truly counted.

For women experiencing homelessness, please know that support is out there. Our outreach workers can offer support and advice, as well as signposting to services in West Yorkshire that support women. Please get in touch with our team.

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