Arthur's Story


A room with a bed and a wardrobe in it.
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We placed Arthur (real name not used) in our EU house at the start of lockdown, back in March. We had already been supporting Arthur to try and get housing support but this was not possible as Arthur had no recourse to public funds. But, through this support we had built up a trusting relationship with him. 

Offering support and advocacy

Arthur was given a room in our EU supported house which meant that we could work with him more frequently and in a way that suited him. Arthur was able to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme and he was awarded full settled status. This now meant that Arthur was eligible for housing support. 

We worked closely with the council to find an appropriate property for Arthur as he had physical health issues that meant many properties are not suitable for him. We advocated for him and challenged decisions as he was offered many inappropriate properties and was pressured to view these. 

Moving into his own home

Arthur moved into his own property in September. This was the first time in 4 years he had a place he could call home. He was so overwhelmed and happy, he kept calling us and saying ‘thank you, thank you!’. 

We are still working with Arthur to ensure there are no issues with the property and have continued to provide practical and emotional support to him. 

Arthur is one of 8 people with no resource to public funds that we have been able to accommodate in our EU houses project. We have housed 8 people in total so far, with 3 people successfully moving on to their own permanent properties. Being able to offer support and resources to people who have previously been excluded from services is an achievement we are so proud of.  

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