Ed's Story


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Ed (real name not used) lost his job and accommodation when coronavirus hit. He moved into his brother's house, sleeping on his sofa. 

Unfortunately, his brother’s son also lost his job and ended up moving back into the family home. Feeling like he was in the way, Ed lied to his brother and said he would go and stay with friends. 

Ed couldn’t find anywhere to sleep. In the end he found an old shed and took shelter in there. He had tried to call the council to talk to someone about housing support, but his phone had died. 

Whilst out early in the morning with the Bradford Homeless Outreach Partnership, our outreach worker came across Ed. We asked him if he wanted some support and he said yes. That day he was moved into safe accommodation and provided with clothes, toiletries and food. 

With the support of the fantastic Bradford Homeless Outreach Partnership, Ed was put forward for a studio flat and accepted. He was very happy and so excited when he moved in. 

We have supported Ed with his plans to find work again. We were able to apply for funding for a phone with internet access so he could look for jobs, as libraries and job centres are currently closed. 

We'll continue to support Ed with accessing services and providing food parcels. His life is more stable now and we are delighted to see him doing so well. 

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