Fred's Story


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Fred (real name not used) has had a bad year. He split up from his partner, his parents passed away and he’s in debt. He’s suffering from mental ill health.

Fred has spent years trying to break the cycle of homelessness. He has slept rough, moved into accommodation and then been evicted, sleeping rough again once more. Currently, Fred is in accommodation, but, once more, he is facing eviction.

We try to meet Fred as often as possible. We’ll meet him for a coffee or food and discuss what he’d like to focus on and his priorities for that day or week. Some days we have breakthroughs. Other weeks, he doesn’t answer his phone or meet us.

We might meet for five minutes before Fred leaves again. Other days, we spend an afternoon with him. The important thing is that we're there to listen and support him. It could be practical support, such as booking an appointment at the Doctors. Often, it’s simply to be there for him while he processes his pain.

We know that Fred loves art. He finds joy in creating artworks and the creativity helps with his mental health. We recently took him out shopping, where he was able to pick his own supplies. It was a real boost to his morale.

we're still working with Fred on his terms. We'll continue to support him for as long as he needs Simon on the Streets.

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