Georgie's Story


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After Georgie learnt that there were people in the UK who didn't have homes, she was determined to help them.

Georgie Simister, her twin Skye and brother Jacob, 8, sold baubles that they had made to raise money for people experiencing homelessness. They also made a wreath and raffled it off on Facebook Live to raise donations.

They have raised over five hundred pounds that they donated to Simon on the Streets.

“It was really fun”

Amy Simister, Mum of Georgie, Skye and Jacob, said:

“It was really fun, and they enjoyed their little moment of fame when people told them they had watched the live video. I’m proud of them for doing this and they’re pleased with themselves.

It’s heart-warming to know that my children are this thoughtful and it makes me feel like I’ve done something right.

“Doing this makes me feel happy”

Georgie said:

“Doing this work makes me feel happy. It makes me feel nice for helping and I’m excited to donate the money.”

We can’t thank Georgie, Skye and Jacob enough for their amazing fundraising efforts. Their donation will support homeless people in our community.

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