Mitch's Story


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Mitch (real name not used) slept on the streets after his release from prison.

This wasn’t the first time Mitch had slept rough. But, after his release from prison, Mitch had hoped it would be different. However, he began missing appointments with services and support. Feeling out of control, Mitch turned to his old, harmful habits.

We met Mitch on outreach around the city. He was feeling really low. We offered Mitch some food and sat and had a chat with him. Since then, we’ve been supporting him. We’ve provided practical support to assist Mitch with accessing services and keeping appointments. Alongside this, we’ve offered emotional support and someone he can always turn to.  

Mitch now has access to universal credit and is working with drug support services again. We meet with Mitch often to talk about his future and how he’s feeling. Through focusing on the positives, Mitch has set goals for his future. Mitch now has an assessment for his own property and is looking forward to moving in soon. 

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