Nick's Story


A man is sat on the ground with his hood up. He is in a sleeping bag. He gazes down the street, where buildings can be seen in the distance.
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We will always work towards the goals and aspirations of each person. And Nick’s (real name not used) aspiration is to have a garden. 

In the time we’ve known Nick he’s been through a lot. Rough sleeping. Time spent in prison. Drug and alcohol dependencies. Physical and mental ill health. Sleeping in emergency accommodation, or on someone’s floor. At one time he was almost close to having a house. 

We’ve been working with Nick to take small steps towards his goal. This has included practical support, such as helping him claim universal credit, get ID or helping him attend hospital appointments. It’s also included emotional support. Checking in with him to chat through his feelings. And being with him on his birthday so he wasn’t alone. 

Nick is determined to become drug free. He’s capable and resilient. He’s also super organised and creative and has started doing arts and crafts. 

We hope you get your garden Nick. You deserve it.  

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