Nick's Story


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We believe that the emotional support we provide is incredibly important. Breaking the cycle of homelessness is often difficult and lonely. Being there for our clients is incredibly important.

We began supporting Nick (real name not used) when he was sleeping rough. Nick had slept rough for a long time and never had a place to call a home of his own.

In the last year Nick's life changed drastically. Through his own hard work and determination, Nick is now in supported accommodation. He is working part time and is also volunteering.

Nick got in contact with us over the last few weeks of 2021. He felt alone and in need of support. Nick described the Christmas period as "soul destroying". In the past, the loneliness Nick has felt at Christmas has triggered suicidal thoughts.

Our outreach worker supported Nick during the Christmas and New Year period. They met up to go for walks, have a chat and cup of tea and discuss mental health services he could access. They also made plans with Nick to build up a routine and fill his time over Christmas.

Now Christmas is over, with services fully open and Nick's routine back to normal, he's feeling much better.

Simply having a place to sleep doesn't solve homelessness. Emotional and practical support can support people on their journey to positive, sustainable change.  

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