Steph's Story


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 At the beginning of the pandemic, Steph (real name not used) lost her job. Unable to afford the place she was staying in, she became homeless. 

Steph is an EU migrant. She is currently awaiting the outcome of her EU settlement application. Until Steph gets an outcome, she is classed as having “no recourse to public funds”. This means that, even though she is homeless, she cannot receive housing support, benefits, or prescriptions. 

With few options, Steph has turned to survival sex. Steph has told us that she received a lot of racist abuse. Men refused to pay her or demanded she return their money, threatening her and telling her they will get her deported if she does not comply. 

Steph feared approaching the police due to her immigration status and never reported these incidents. 

Since beginning to support Steph, she is now working with other services and attending appointments. Unfortunately, until her settled status application is finalised, Steph is stuck sofa surfing. 

Sadly, Steph’s situation is not an isolated case. For people experiencing homelessness who are classed as having no recourse to public funds, there is little support available to them. 

Thanks to your amazing support, we can offer support those who need it, regardless of their immigration status.  

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