7 ways to fundraise at work this Christmas


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The holiday season is a great time for fundraising and spreading joy. But, for many of us, it’s also the busiest time of year. We may working longer hours and perhaps feeling a little bit of holiday stress.

But fundraising doesn’t have to be another burden on your already big to-do list. Fundraising is fun. It’s a chance to come together as a team, have a laugh and do something good. And giving back is good for your wellbeing!

We’ve assembled seven of our most fun and festive ways to fundraise at work in this blog post. There’s something for everyone and every workplace. Which one will you do this Christmas?

Why fundraise at Christmas?

At Christmas, people are at their most generous. The mood is festive and cheerful, and we’re inclined to give more! According to Neon One, nearly one third of annual giving occurs in December. And, 28% of charities raise between 26-50% of their annual funds during the festive period. This tells us that the potential for Christmas fundraising is huge! Every penny you raise will go towards someone in need.

7 great ways to fundraise this Christmas.

Now you know why fundraising at Christmas is so important, let’s look at seven of the best ideas for fundraising at work.

1. Sack off Secret Santa.

There’s no arguing that Christmas presents can be great. But choosing gifts for people at work is often stressful. And how many of us have ended up with something we don’t want or need from a Secret Santa? Why not take away the burden of trying to find the perfect Secret Santa present and give back to those in need instead? Choose to donate the cost of your secret Santa presents to charity this year.

2 Give up something you love.

Can your team go without something this December? Perhaps you want to stop getting takeaway lunches, eating out or drinking so much coffee? Choose to test your resolve and go without for the month and get sponsored for doing it! Or you could donate the money you save from giving up these items to charity!

3. Christmas Jumper Day.

This classic idea is a fun way to bring some Christmas magic into your working day! Invite your colleagues to wear their most festive jumpers and make a donation to your chosen charity. You could even offer a prize to the most sensational Christmas jumper. Share your best jumpers on your social media channels and raise awareness of your amazing fundraising efforts!

4. Match Fund your efforts.

Match funding is a great way to maximise your fundraising efforts. Ask your company to match fund anything you raise over Christmas. Communicate the impact match funding will have for your chosen charity by raising awareness of how the extra funding will support people in need.

5. Last hour’s pay.

If you’re pushed for time, ask your colleagues to donate their last hour of pay for the year. It may seem like a small amount, but it’ll make a huge difference to the charity you donate to. Ask your payroll team if they can take care of the logistics for you. If that’s not possible, set up a Just Giving page and ask colleagues to donate their last hours pay via Just Giving.

6. Win a lie in.

Set up a raffle with the best prize – the chance of a lie in! Charge colleagues to enter a draw to win a morning or day off work! Who wouldn’t want to win this fantastic prize? It’s a great opportunity to catch up on some sleep, or get a head start on your Christmas shopping.

7. Christmas party.

Are you having an office Christmas party this year? An easy way to fundraise is to donate a small percentage of the ticket sales to charity. If you have a coat room, you could donate the cost of the coat room tickets to charity. Or, you could add £1 to everyone’s bill, which is then donated to your cause.

Holiday fundraising is a great opportunity to give back. It’s good for staff morale, it encourages good teamwork and is incredibly helpful for charities too! We hope our list has given you some great ideas for fundraising at work.

If you’re thinking of fundraising at Christmas and want to find out more about how your donations could help Simon on the Streets, get in touch today. Your donations will help us support people experiencing homelessness this winter. 

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