Covid-19: An update on our work


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We have been meeting with other organisations working with the homeless community to discuss ways forward with regard to Covid-19. 

People experiencing homelessness, particularly those rough sleeping, are extremely vulnerable and at risk of infection. They are 3 times more likely to experience a chronic health condition, including asthma and COPD. ​We hold a greater risk to our clients than they do to us as we are much more likely to come into contact with Covid-19 than our clients. 

The government has published Covid-19 guidance for agencies supporting people rough sleeping. Unfortunately, the guidance currently fails to include measures to enable people sleeping rough to self-isolate. Clearer guidance, as well as resources, are needed to support people who struggle to self-isolate. 

We are continuing to provide support as it is a key time for the most vulnerable on the streets with some services needing to close or limit services. We are supporting people with appointments, accessing services, and also supporting our clients in temporary accommodation. We're ensuring all our clients have phones so we can keep in contact with them and continue to provide emotional support. We're also providing advice on washing and cleaning, as well as providing food parcels. 

We are in real need of hand sanitisers and antibacterial hand wipes for our clients as those on the streets are struggling to access washing facilities - any donations would be greatly appreciated, please get in touch if you are able to donate!​ 

As is expected, fundraising events are being cancelled to protect public health. This however does mean that we will see a dip in funding. We are an independent charity and do not receive any funding from the government or local authority. Without your donations we could not do the work that we do to support the most vulnerable in our communities. 

Thank you for your support.

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