How does supporting a charity help your business?


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At Simon On The Streets, corporate sponsorships and donations go a long way towards funding our essential outreach work. As an independent charity, we depend on the generosity of businesses to help us continue helping vulnerable people in the local community. 

But the benefits aren’t just for us and the people we support. Supporting a charity can be great for your business too. 

Reach a wider audience

Generating media coverage and good publicity for your business will give your brand the opportunity to be more widely recognised. This could lead to new customers that you wouldn’t otherwise have reached. You’ll also have more scope for PR opportunities where you can promote any charitable events, donations and fundraising your business has been involved in.

Supporting a charity also allows you to network with other businesses. For instance, Simon On The Streets provide regular networking opportunities for companies involved in our work. It’s a great chance to build corporate relationships that are mutually beneficial. 

Promote your values 

What better way to prove that your company is a force for good than to support a charity? 

Partnering with a charitable organisation is an easy way to showcase your commitment and responsibility as a business. Too often, companies make claims that they’re “ethical”, “caring” or “philanthropic”, but you have the chance to actually prove this by getting stuck in. 

Supporting a charity can also make your business more appealing to customers. Studies show that 82% of people would rather buy from a philanthropic company when confronted by the same prices elsewhere. 

Boost employee morale

Employees like to know that they’re working at a caring and philanthropic business that really makes a difference. Having a partnership with a charity could boost your recruitment opportunities and employee retention rates.

Your staff will also enjoy getting involved with fundraising activities, building connections with their co-workers. This engagement will also translate into the rest of their work, providing you with a more motivated and involved workforce. Fundraising is a fantastic team-building exercise which also allows busy employees to feel like they’re having a positive impact on society. 

Unsure where to start? We’ve got plenty of upcoming events for you and your team to get involved with. 

Give back to your community 

Corporate social responsibility should be more than just a box-ticking exercise. When your business provides ongoing support for a charity, you’re helping to make sustainable, positive change in your community. 

At Simon On The Streets, we work in local areas to support vulnerable people. You’ll see the difference your money is making by following our social media channels, where we post regular updates on our outreach work.

If you’re interested in helping Simon On the Streets to break the cycle of homelessness, we’re always looking for new organisations to support our work. We know that having a significant impact is important for businesses, so you can be assured that all donations go directly to our charity. 

Take a look at our corporate partnerships page to get involved. 

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