How to choose a charity to support


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In our previous blog posts, we discussed why giving back to the community is incredibly important for your business. So, now you’ve decided to start a CSR programme, how do you decide which charity your business will support?

Picking the right charity will lead to a fulfilling partnership and big wins for both your business and the cause you’re supporting. Your amazing support will impact people's lives. Here are our top tips for picking the right charity to support.

Find an organisation that aligns with your company

Think about how the charity you’re thinking about supporting will match your company ethos. We’re not suggesting that this is all about a win for your business. But we are saying that if you pick a charity that already matches your values, supporting it will be second nature.  And what’s the harm if that increases your brand awareness?

Find a charity that aligns with your business’s skills, knowledge and values. For example, a water company might pick a charity that provides access to clean drinking water in developing countries. Or, if you’re a local estate agent, supporting a homeless charity is a perfect fit for you. Find your niche and a charity that perfectly aligns with it.

Listen to your team and customers

It's vital to pick a charity that resonates with your company’s  employees and customers. By choosing a charity that your team feels a connection with, your employees will stay motivated and engaged in their efforts. If you want your employees to give their time and energy to raise funds and awareness - this is crucial.

When it comes to choosing a charity, Involve your team, and your customers, in the decision-making process. Some companies ask charities to come and speak to their employees, whilst others ask for their customers to vote for their favourite charity. Think about which approach suits your business the best.

Helping your customers and employees to be a part of something meaningful,  is something they’ll relish. So take the time to choose a charity that resonates with them.

Look at impact

You want to make sure your charitable giving will have an impact. Find out how the charity works, their results and what they’ve accomplished. Are the people or cause they support at the centre of their actions?

Your chosen charity should be transparent with you about where your funding will be spent. This will allow you to relay this information to your stakeholders. Letting them know how your donations have been put to good use is invaluable.

Think about your community

Your local business or branch can really make a difference to local communities. Supporting your local community, means strengthening your local economy – it’s a win-win. Throughout the pandemic, there’s been a boom in the support local movement.

Donating to a local charity is great, because you’ll see first-hand the effects of your fantastic efforts. You’ll see how your money is getting put to good use and see the work the charity is undertaking. Ultimately, supporting a local cause allows you to build strong relationships with the team and the wider community.

Is your business based in West Yorkshire? Do you care about supporting the homeless and vulnerable in our community? If that’s a yes, get in touch with us to find out more about becoming a corporate partner and making Simon on the Streets your chosen charity! There’s no time like the present to start your CSR journey!

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