Simone on the Streets - International Women's Day


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This International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the women we work with, to help raise awareness of female homelessness.

By raising awareness around women's homelessness we can shed light on the very specific issues that women face that are exacerbated when they are homeless. There is no hiding from the fact that women across the world are more commonly victims of domestic violence, and it is a significant driver to escape such violence that many women find themselves without a home.

Women's homelessness is also more often hidden. Some people claim that this is because women tend to be more resourceful. However much that may be the case, evidence, and our experience, suggests that women whose homelessness is hidden are often subject to violence and expected to pay their way for a bed for the night, often with sex.

Services that are tailored specifically for this vulnerable minority are few and far between and very often the specific needs of homeless women need to be address within the restrictions of a service that is designed with a view to support homeless men.

We're so lucky to have a passionate group of volunteers that have helped to create an amazing video campaign which highlights the incredible stories of some of our female service users.

Please watch and share them - help spread the word.

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