Simon’s Sleepover: How to make the night a success!


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We’re so excited to announce the launch of Simon’s Sleepover on Friday 19th November 2021.

We usually hold our annual Big Sleepout at this time of year. Our last Big Sleepout in 2019 saw over 120 supporters sleepout for the night at the Tilt Yard at the Royal Armouries. Together, we raised over £26,000. These donations support our work with people who are homeless and in vulnerable situations in Leeds, Bradford and Kirklees. Not being able to hold the sleepout this year has left a big dent in our income. And that’s a big issue.

This winter, we expect a big increase in homelessness. With the end of the eviction ban, furlough and the £20 Universal Credit uplift expected to affect people across West Yorkshire, we're in real danger of seeing a staggering increase of people becoming homeless in the next 12 months. The phone calls we’ve received have doubled in the last 8 weeks alone. That’s why we’re asking you to support our work by joining us for Simon’s Sleepover.

What is Simon’s Sleepover?

Unfortunately, we can't host our big sleepout this year. So, instead we're asking you to sleep anywhere but your bed for the night on Friday 19th November.

Choose to sleep on your sofa or in your garden and get the whole family involved! You could put up a tent or make a den in your living room, it's completely up to you.

If you want to take part as a team, that’s great! You could sleep on your office floor together and enjoy a great night in. John Sisk & Son have committed to sleep in their office car park as a team for the night!

How do I get involved?

Simon’s Sleepover takes place on Friday 19th November 2021. To take part, all you need to do is download your free fundraising pack. Everything you need is in this pack, including decorative bunting, sponsorship forms and instructions for setting up your Just Giving page.

How to make the night a success!

Now you know all about Simon’s Sleepover and how to sign up, let’s talk about how you can make the night a success.

Get tasty snacks in.

Whether you bake them or buy them, tasty treats are a must for any sleepover! You could order a pizza and have a pizza party or bake your favourite snacks. Just make sure your chosen nibbles are close at hand on the night.

Have great games on hand.

Use your time during the Sleepover to play board games or enjoy your favourite childhood party games! The sleepover is a great chance to put the phones down, turn the TV off and bond as a group. 

Share your updates on your night.

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and share them across your social media channels. Your photos will help inspire others to donate to the cause. You can also explain why you’re taking part in fundraising for Simon on the Streets. Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #SimonsSleepover – we can’t wait to see your pics!

Be prepared.

If you’re sleeping outside, be ready for any weather and check the risks beforehand. Dress appropriately and make sure you have sleeping bags and warm clothing to keep you warm and toasty. A torch is also handy in-case you need to get up in the night! 

We hope you now have all the information you need to make your sleepover a great success! Don’t forget to sign up to Simon’s Sleepover to receive a copy of your free fundraising pack. We look forward to seeing you for Simon’s Sleepover on Friday 19th November!

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