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A person carries a Simon on the Streets bag on their back. They are walking down a dark street.
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One of the benefits of working at Simon on the Streets is that there are no time restrictions on the levels of support we provide. This has proved vital during the pandemic, when support from other services has changed or switch to phone support. In this blog post, our Kirklees Outreach Workers shares a story of one of the people we previously supported who needed our help. 

"In this ever changing and uncertain time where Coronavirus has been keeping everyone isolated and at arm’s length from each other, the demand and need for services and support has never been greater. My role as an Outreach Worker has been to ensure that no one has been overlooked or forgotten.

Testing positive

I recently made a welfare check on someone with whom I had previously worked with but who is no longer one of my clients. They were pleased to see me and told me they had tested positive for Coronavirus and were feeling tired and were unable to cook anything. They said they had not had any warm nourishing food for a few days. This worried me because they had previously struggled with their self-care and this could quickly develop into a more serious issue. From my previous involvement I knew they suffered from social anxiety and had few friends. As such they had no one they could call on for immediate help and support.

A healthy, warm meal

I liaised with The Huddersfield Mission and The Welcome Centre and together we agreed a plan of action. The Mission agreed to cook a healthy warm meal throughout the week which I then delivered to the persons doorstep. In addition, I also arranged for a weekly food parcel to be delivered for the next two weeks from The Welcome Centre. I managed to source other essential items from The Welcome Centre including a duvet, bedding set, towels as they were struggling to do any laundry.

In amongst this I ensured they had an adequate supply of sanitiser, hand wash, wet wipes, face masks for future use and clean clothing including thermals.

Wrap-around support

Working together in partnership we managed to provide the wrap-around service that was essential to keep not only the individual safe but also the community in general. I am pleased to report that they are now feeling better and no longer infectious. However, the legacy of Covid-19 is clearly complex as they have unfortunately lost their sense of smell and the ability to taste food. We are still dealing with the unknown and must sustain our efforts to contain this virus. Stay safe and stay well. 

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