Supporting the homeless during the lockdown


A blue sleeping bag is on the floor, next to a brick wall. A flattened carboard box is underneath.
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We’re still out there. 

As lockdown 2.0 begins, our support on the streets of Leeds, Bradford and Kirklees continues. 

In Kirklees this has involved early morning outreach sessions to find people who are sleeping rough. 

In Bradford, our recent late-night outreach sessions led to finding and supporting an individual who was sleeping rough in a derelict building. 

Our Leeds team continue to go out on Tuesday evenings with sandwiches, hot chocolate and gloves and hats, engaging with people whose only option is unfortunately the streets. 

Supporting the homeless and vulnerable during uncertain times 

We’re continuing to support our clients during these difficult and uncertain times. With many services closing their doors or offering phone-only support, many of our clients are anxious and afraid. 

We’re here to reassure and support them through the changes. We are helping people to continue to access the support they need, whether this is support with housing, drug and alcohol services or mental health support. 

We’re needed now more than ever before 

We are the first point of contact for many people who are homeless and vulnerable. We’re getting more requests for help than ever before. Unfortunately, with insufficient government support for the homeless as we enter a second lockdown, we don’t see the need for our services decreasing. 

You can help us. 

We cannot leave people exposed to both the virus and the streets. 

Join Simon’s Big Sofa Surf on the 27th November. Spend one night sleeping on your sofa or floor to raise vital funds for the homeless and vulnerable this winter. 

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