The night before Christmas


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Merry Christmas from everyone at Simon on the Streets. Here's a Christmas Eve poem, in the style of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, written by one of our supporters. We hope you enjoy it. 

Thank you to every one of you who has supported us this year. We are overwhelmed by your support, which ensures we can support people experiencing homelessness every day of the year.

It was the night before Christmas and out on the streets
The rain and traffic pouring to their own beat.
The lights were obscured and the voices just shouted,
Frightening a woman who no longer counted

She remembered alone the tree when she was little,
Festooned in tinsel and baubles and glitter.
Mama and Dad were still then together,
She wished she could stay there forever.

But loss and sadness had ripped them apart
And forever damaged what once was her heart.
Hands from the night had offered a cure
But when she took it hopes became fewer.

And the ones who gave it were mean and cruel
And everyone she once knew thought her a fool
Then she was so alone and bitter and unkind
Until one day she became her only friend in her mind.

When the night bent in beneath arch and bridge
She slept where she could among the garbage.
And dreamed of voices whispering in hatred
Believing inside that she was wicked and wasted

The whole city knew her and said she was hopeless
But when Robin met her, he saw she was friendless.
And though she was rude, and nasty and sad
In patience and care he kept coming back.

He didn’t want nothing, and didn’t push her away
But brought her a drink and asked bout her day.
Then one day it happened, she didn’t know why
But she was hoping to see him as she looked to the sky.

 When she sees him, she’ll tell him about that Christmas Eve
When her last friends and family told her to leave;
She wonders briefly if the pain won’t her defeat,
For maybe there is hope with Simon on the Streets. 

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