Top 5 simple ways to get involved with charity without it being an effort


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As we enter the new year, many of you will no doubt be starting a new year’s resolution or taking on a challenge such as veganary or dry january. With all the plans for the new year, supporting your favourite causes may be the last thing on your list.

But, charities need you to get more involved than ever before. We’re facing a squeeze. The Charities Aid Foundation has predicted that less money will be donated to charities this year. With economic uncertainty and rising household bills, giving to charity is falling from people’s minds. But, more than ever, charities need your support.

With new year’s resolutions and challenges to keep up, you may have less time to fundraise for charities or take up challenges that require months of training, preparation and planning. Time passes quickly, and before you know it, the year is done. That’s why we’ve come up with five incredibly simple ways to give to your favourite charity without it being an effort.

1. Get your wallet out.

The quickest and easiest way to give to charities is to donate! Donating vital funds allows you to be involved in the work the charity does. Many charities will tell you how your donation is used, and others let you choose specific items or projects your donation can go towards.

For example, at Simon on the Streets, our fundraising efforts go towards the vital outreach support we provide each day to support people experiencing homelessness. In 2022, we’re asking you to donate the cost of an hour’s worth of our work. We even explain how each hour can be used, thanks to your donation.

2. Pick a charity event.

There are great charity events out there that don’t require too much effort. Not all events are sponsored runs or cycling challenges that need hours of planning and preparation to take part. For example, our annual sleep out asks you to sleep outside for one night. You don’t need to train or put in huge amounts of physical effort to take part. Keep an eye on our event page for the next sleep out date.

3. Make it a corporate thing.

Tasks are always easier to do when you’ve got a team behind you, so why not make supporting a charity in 2022 easier too by getting your work team involved? By making charity giving a work thing, not only does it make it easier to do, but it’s for your employee’s and colleague’s wellbeing too. We’ve even got a handy guide on creating a corporate social responsibility strategy that’s great for your business and will help you get started!

4. Donate while shopping.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to support a charity is to donate while shopping. Websites like Amazon Smile and Easy Fundraising make it incredibly easy to donate to charities while you shop. If you’re looking to something more personal, why not check out your favourite charity’s Amazon wishlist and purchase items from it. That way, you’re buying something directly for someone in need.

5. Give as you earn.

The payroll giving scheme lets you give easily through your paycheck. Once it’s set up, there’s nothing you need to do as the donations will be taken each pay day. With payroll giving, your donations are made to your chosen charity before income tax is deducted, making it a more tax effective way to give.

Supporting your favourite cause doesn't have to be complicated and involve lots of time and effort on your part. Whether you donate directly, use payroll giving, take part in a charity event, donate while shopping or get your work team involved, giving to charity can be simple and effortless!

This year, we’re asking you to buy us some time. We spend each day supporting people who are homeless and in vulnerable situations. We build up trusting relationships so we can provide the one-to-one support a person needs to break the cycle of homelessness. How many hours can you give to help us support people experiencing homelessness today?

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