Homeless in the heat

Supporting rough sleepers all year round

We are launching our 'Homeless in the Heat' summer fundraising appeal. This appeal represents the cost of one Outreach Worker for one month. Why are we launching this campaign in summer? Whilst awareness of rough sleeping is high in winter, the summer months receive less attention, despite our Outreach Workers seeing an increase during this period.

Dangers specific to summer

The hot weather, for those without a home and with no shelter from the sun, can lead to excessive loss of water and heat exhaustion. With no way to cool down, this can lead to a heat stroke. Heatstroke occurs when your body becomes dangerously overheated. For those sleeping rough finding shelter, cold water and a chance to cool down can be difficult.

Your funding supports our work

We aim to raise £1800, the approximate cost of a Outreach Worker for the month. The support work our Outreach Worker's provide is entirely street based, meaning that we go out on the streets to the rough sleepers and provide intensive emotional and practical support.

What our Outreach Workers do

By reaching our total, you can help us to continue to provide emotional and practical support to those who cannot or will not accept help from other services. We work to build relationships based on trust, engaging with hard to reach individuals and offering them support to access services. As well as helping them access services, we also accompany them to these services, assist with form filling, and help them find temporary or permanent housing. By providing unconditional support, based on empathy and non-judgement, and aimed at improving their self-worth, we provide much needed emotional support to those suffering extreme loneliness and isolation.

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